Hardcore fans of Flight of the Conchords lined up 15 hours early for tickets to the show.

A total of 300 tickets were to go on sale at 8 this morning for the 10 shows around the country, beginning in Hawkes Bay on June 13.

The tickets will be available from selected outlets and fans had to collect them in person as organisers try to beat scalpers.

Andrew Poh, of Te Atatu in West Auckland, and his friends decided to head into town to line up for tickets yesterday at 4.30pm.


Mr Poh, 22, was settling in nicely outside Auckland's Aotea Square last night, armed with reading material, blankets and umbrellas.

He admitted it was a little "hardcore" to turn up 15 hours early, but he and his friends were determined to get tickets after missing out on other early-bird tickets. Many fans around the country took to social networking sites to describe the joy of snapping up tickets - as well as the heartbreak of missing out.

Mr Poh said he was determined not to be one of those people.

"I really want to see them. I like the silly songs they do. You can relate to them. It just seems like the type of songs that anyone could come up with - it's what you're thinking - that they write."

The group were hoping friends would turn up with hot drinks throughout the night and they were getting ready for only "a couple of hours' sleep", Mr Poh said.

As of 9pm last night about 20 people were in the queue, but there was some confusion about where the line started - people at both ends thought they were first.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie will tour the country in June with shows in Hawkes Bay, Hamilton, Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Dunedin, Queenstown, Nelson and possibly Christchurch.