winner Nadia Lim spent an hour-and-a-half fixing her three-tier cake after it melted on her wedding day.

Lim, the winner of the second season of MasterChef New Zealand, was marrying Carlos Bagrie on the Karikari Peninsula but found the cake had melted after the four-hour drive from Auckland.

The unflappable contestant, who beat Jax Hamilton in the macaron tower-building finale of MasterChef, told Woman's Day she found the incident "funny".


"We drove up to the winery and a few kitchen staff were standing around the cake, looking inconsolable," Lim said.

"They thought it was their fault, but of course it wasn't ... I asked them for a palette knife, and the kitchen staff ran to the dairy, got all these white chocolate buttons.

"We whipped up another ganache and put it on with the knife. It took us an hour and a half! It was the perfect MasterChef moment."

Lim told Woman's Day she was happy with how the cake turned out.

"It's funny because I had wanted to have a hand in making the cake, but I took a step back because I didn't think there would be time.

"It looked a bit rustic, but I'm happy with it."

Lim's first book, Nadia's Kitchen, is due out in April.

- Herald online