Friday night drinks?

At my house, drinking and debating where we should say we are drinking on a Friday night, turns out we stay at home, get drunk, watch telly, go to bed.

Where I'll be wearing my new: Comfy Chairs T-shirt.

And this weekend I was planning on: Watching my girlfriend in a triathlon at Kinloch except she just told me she's too fat and unfit to compete so we won't be doing that.


But first I'll need to refuel at my favourite cafe: Given the above I won't be refuelling at my favourite cafes but if I did it would be at the Rutland Street Espresso Bar or Farros, Lunn Ave (with barista Graeme).

Saturday evening, if my dreams came true there would be a gig with: Ernie Johnson on piano, Doug Scott on piano accordion and Bruce Scott on saxophone (my dad and his two mates). When I was a boy I used to lie in bed when my parents had parties and drift off to sleep listening to them play.

But if there's nothing else doing I'll probably just: Gaze at my new Glenn Jowitt photo of Mauke in the Cook Islands.

On my stereo right now is: The Best of Bunny Walters, Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs, Ryan Adams, Antony and the Johnsons, William Shatner, and Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas.

The books I can't put down are: No Turn Unstoned - The Worst Ever Theatrical Reviews, compiled by Diana Rigg (thanks Auckland Libraries) and Christopher Hitchens' Hitch 22 - A Memoir.

The TV shows I take the phone off the hook for are: Peep Show, Outnumbered, It's always Sunny in Philadelphia, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Jam and Jerusalem and QI.

The movie I have been dying to see: Michael Berans' The Bridal Shop, arguably the best NZ film yet to be made.

A non-cooking Monday night means takeaways from: Epolito's pizzeria in One Tree Hill (except they're not actually open on Mondays).

Or a splash-out Wednesday night restaurant: Would probably be Merediths though it would more likely be a drawn-out Wednesday afternoon lunch at Divan in Queen St.

*Greg Johnson is appearing in Auckland Theatre Company's The Motor Camp, along with Stephen Lovatt, and Lisa Chappell, at the Maidment Theatre, Feb 9-Mar 3.