Auckland features in the new Foo Fighters video, and we've also got new tracks from MIA and Jack White, videos from J Tillman and Die Antwoord, and the awesome eight-bit version of Breaking Bad in our compilation of the 10 best web links you'll see today.

1. When the Foo Fighters performed their earth-moving show at Western Springs in Auckland last December, those sober enough at the time will remember cameras following Grohl's every move around the stage. That's because he was being filmed for the video for These Days, which has now premiered online. Get your finger on the pause button and see if you can spot your friends. (Stuff)

2. Parks and Recreations' resident hottie Aubrey Plaza breaks chairs, starts a fight, smashes a turntable and generally throws one of the awesomest tanties ever in the new video for Hollywood Forever Cemetery, from J Tillman.He used to be in Fleet Foxes, don't you know.(Entertainment Weekly)

3. You can always rely on Die Antwoord to be outrageously creepy, and that doesn't change on the South African rave-rap act's new video for I Find You Freeky. Hide your wife, hide your kids, etc. (Cheese on Toast)


4. College Humour have created one of their great eight-bit animations collectively wrapping up four seasons of Breaking Bad. They nailed it, but spoiler warning for anyone stupid enough not to have seen the show. (Twitter)

5. It's Super Bowl weekend so grab some Bud (beer, that is), organise some mates and settle for the longest footie game ever, with a brief break for 12 minutes of Madonna. Get in the mood early with the leaked extended Ferris Bueller Super Bowl commerical and a sneak peek at The Avengers. (YouTube)

6. Yes, it looks kinda cheesy but it might just be the kind of stinky sci-fi cheese that works. Check out the new extended trailer for Lockout, featuring a muscle-bound Guy Pearce. Hey, it'll kill some time till Prometheus comes out. (

7. If you wondered what the newsroom is like, well, it's nothing like this. (

8. She released it eons ago as part of her return-to-form mixtape Vicki Leekx, but MIA has re-recorded the album's highlight Bad Girls, extending it out with Indian flute-loops, extra samples and skittier drum kicks. The vid is due on Friday and it's from the guy who did Born Free. (YouTube)

9. Jack White is back on this new solo track Love Interruption from the album Blunderbuss, due out on April 23. Good to hear White's bluesy wail again, but is anyone else missing Meg just a little? (NME)

10. Ever wonder what happened to Parker Posey? If not, go watch Best in Show and bask in her awesomeness. Here she is in the new film Price Check, featuring an extremely awkward executive conference at a hardware store. (Apple)

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