The Golden Globes were fun weren't they? Madonna revealing she suffers from narcissistic disorder, the stars pretending they were offended by Ricky Gervais, the French cast and crew of The Artist having a ball, that guy who hooked up with his grand-stepdaughter getting a prize.

Dustin Hoffman stuck a subtle knife in as he thanked all and sundry for helping him to get on stage to make a presentation, "I'd like to thank my agent, my dog etc".

Some great shows that we've actually seen got the nod; Modern Family, Game Of Thrones (I wonder how many of you thought Peter Dinklage was talking about our Martin Henderson until reading this). Mildred Pierce recently on Soho, won too. Although I could appreciate much about it, the novel-like pace, the art direction the pathos, I didn't have enough anti-depressants to get all the way to the end.

The Globes also served as a handy preview of TV to come. Really looking forward to Homeland which starts on TV3 in few months, Claire Daines will be good as a demented CIA agent and that at least that ginger dude isn't quite as annoying as James Nesbit.


Actually other Globe favs are also coming our way this year.

Series 5 of Madmen airs in the US in March so Soho shouldn't be too far behind, with networks now aware that delays aren't acceptable in these days of downloading.

Madmen series 4 came to an awfully exciting end a few weeks back, Don Draper staying true to type, but his policy of shag and release could be undone by his hair-brained proposal of marriage. He'll be giving up smoking next.

You know you love a series when the final few hour long episode feel like they last about 8 minutes. Likewise for Boardwalk Empire the final of which followed what seems to be an HBO rule. Killing off core cast members.

There's more good shit on the horizon, in particular Boss (Soho, February) another winner from the Globes the other night (Best Actor for Kelsey Grammer). I've detected much excited chatter about it online and after seeing this preview clip, I can't wait.

Reviews seem good if a little mixed. It's obvious that Grammer is perfectly cast as the dodgy and unstable Mayor of New York. Even the criticism I've read makes me want to watch. Complaints have been laid that it's too bleak and there's too much sex and violence. Tick, tick, tick.

The year ahead also promises series two of Game of Thrones. Hopefully before the Mayan prophecy comes to pass.

Anticipation is all very well but there's some top shows on air now.


The Frozen Planet (TV1, Tuesdays, 8.30pm) features jaw-dropping animal porn (the clean stuff) and the soothing dooming boom of David Attenborough.

I'd much rather watch a sea lion attacking a penguin than watch SBW clobbering some poor overweight truck-driver and paying for the privilege. Or a pack of wolves attacking a pack of bison, as featured on episode one of this never-ending smorgasbord of natural delight. Actually it will end, so tuck in. Episode one is still available one demand btw. Mind you SBW bashing Michael Laws would be ok.

I'm also giving Big Love one last blast, (Monday TV1, 11pm) It's the fifth and final season of this once un-missable orgy of polygamy. The question is, will it just sit on my MySky like all those old episodes of Serial Killer Sundays?

And please, please, please, can someone show this?