They've got the best beards in the music industry - and they're in town for two New Zealand shows this weekend.

Fleet Foxes, the Seattle band loved by folky hipsters, are here for their second New Zealand visit following a well-received 2009 show.

Five of the band's six members have beards of varying length, and they'll be on full display, as well as songs from their highly acclaimed albums as they perform at the Wellington Town Hall tonight, and the Auckland Town Hall on Saturday.

At their last show at Auckland Bruce Mason Centre in 2009, TimeOut reviewer Scott Kara praised singer Robin Pecknold's voice, saying it provided "Beach Boys harmonies (that) tickled the hairs on the back of your neck".


But he said the band needed to tinker with their songs and "fly their freak flag higher". He also criticised the show's short one-hour running time - the only thing that ruined an otherwise "perfect" night.

That won't be a problem this time around, with a near-two hour show planned encompassing both of the band's albums, 2008's Fleet Foxes and 2011's Helplessness Blues.

Setlists for Fleet Foxes' recent Australian shows have been very similar, with the band playing everything from Mykonos and White Winter Hymnal to fan favourites Sun It Rises and Grown Ocean.

In a four-star review of their Melbourne show at the Palais Theatre, reviewer Martin Boulton said it was easy to forget that most of the band were in their mid 20s.

"Together they create music reminiscent of the best harmonies from the '60s and '70s, with musicianship that experienced folk/rock bands many years older would dream of creating," he said.

The band's Auckland show will also include an opening spot by Kiwi singer Tiny Ruins. She's due on stage at 8pm, with Fleet Foxes set for a 9.15pm start.

Tickets are still available for both shows.

Check out footage from the band's recent show at the Sydney Opera House:

* will feature a full review and photos from the show on Sunday.

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