Musician Tiki Taane is preparing to return to the Tauranga venue where he was arrested nine months ago - and vowing to give an encore performance of the song that got him into trouble with the law.

The Always On My Mind singer was charged with disorderly behaviour after chanting "f*** the police'' at a gig at Illuminati Superclub in April.

He said he was singing lyrics from a controversial song by American rap group NWA and the charges were dropped in September after mediation.

Taane, who moved to Papamoa last January, is preparing for a return show and said the same song would be in his set.


"Absolutely, because everyone wants to hear it now and I'm going to give them what they want. Last time it was so epic and this time I hope it's epic as well.''

The 35-year-old said his previous performance at the venue ruffled feathers "but rock and roll is about ruffling feathers''.

"When I walk down the street people stop me and shake my hand, hardcore gangsters stop me and shake my hand and even police come up to me. But at the end of the day, it's music and I was singing a lyric that I've been singing since I was 14 and I'll continue singing it for another 20 years.''

Illuminati's owner Glenn Meikle said he was unaware Taane intended to sing the song at his club again.

"I hope he doesn't as it's disrespectful to the police for a start. Sure people have rights including freedom of speech but that doesn't mean you should be disrespectful.''

Mr Meikle said he had worked hard to build up a good working relationship with police over the past six months, particularly in relation to intoxication laws and host responsibilities, and didn't want to damage that.

"Of course I can't tell any artist what to sing but I will be asking Tiki on this occasion not to sing this particular song because if he does we're the ones left picking up the baggage with the police if things get out of hand.''

Police did not want to comment on Taane's repeat performance.


Taane produced three top 10 albums last year, including his own In The World Of Light, which reached number one.

He won three awards at the Vodafone Music Awards in November, where he performed with dancers dressed as police after real officers turned down an invitation to join him on stage.

Hes is planning an acoustic album for release in October and will next month perform in the More FM Summer Vineyard Tour, around New Zealand.