Two guys who started out performing TV sketches, and then set out to become the greatest rock band in the world, by means of a "guitar pick with mystic powers", will be here to support the Foo Fighters next week.

Tenacious D, who are big screen funnyman Jack Black and offsider Kyle Gass, have a long history with the headliners. They appeared in the Foos' Learn to Fly music video; Dave Grohl returned the favour by playing Satan in their 2006 film (and album) The Pick of Destiny and he also played drums on several of their recordings.

The duo previously played here in 2004 and 2007 and this time they'll again be bringing a full band to add extra old-school riffology to the likes of such TD classics as Tribute, Wonderboy, The Metal, and new songs like Rise of the Phoenix - a song which Black has talked about several times, calling it a "workout song similar to Eye of the Tiger".