TVNZ has dumped Wellington-based Good Morning host Brendon Pongia.

A TVNZ staff member, who did not want to be named, confirmed Pongia would not return to the show next year and was "very sad" about it.

Pongia co-hosted the magazine-style television show for six years with Sarah Bradley, who was believed to have kept her position.

The hosts were asked to reapply for their jobs in September after a decision was made to move the studio from Wellington to Auckland.


At the time, TVNZ said it wanted to "tap into" talent in Auckland, even though it meant 14 jobs would be at risk.

Former presenter Steve Gray - who was dumped from Good Morning in 2009 - said it was another "stupid" move by TVNZ.

"We don't have actors. The guests are real people and [Pongia] is always fantastic at making them not worried and getting the best out of them on air, which is a really rare talent."

He said TVNZ was notorious for getting rid of valuable staff.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards would not confirm the decision to dump Pongia.

"We are still going through the auditioning process and have no confirmation of anything at this stage. We are not ready to make any announcements about any changes just yet."

Pongia told the Herald on Sunday he wanted to comment but his contract would not allow it.