Home Again - as the band's best ever song in an online poll.' />

Kiwi rock fans have chosen one of Shihad's softest hits - Home Again - as the band's best ever song in an online poll.

Home Again, the opening track from the Wellington band's self-titled 1996 album (also known as The Fish Album), came first in the poll conducted on the Warner Music website.

A highlight of the band's live show, Home Again beat other fan favourites My Mind's Sedate, The General Electric, Pacifier and La La Land to the top spot.

The Fish Album, Shihad's third, was a more melodic and softer approach to the brusing metal sported on 1993's Churn and 1995's Killjoy.


"We were like, let's do it totally opposite from Killjoy, 'cause Killjoy - there are some tracks which have got eight guitars going," front man Jon Toogood told Salient magazine about the album's recording.

"But we had this sort of rock hard attitude - we're only going to be representing exactly what we do live, so we did it like that.

"Sometimes it worked, but mostly production-wise it's a little bit soft compared to how we are live.

"You live and learn, [but] I'm still proud of that record".

Toogood recently told nzherald.co.nz he found it "strange" that Shihad's songs were played on the radio.

"You just take every album as it goes. I'm still freaked out that you can turn on The Rock and hear something like You Again. That wasn't designed for radio at all and it's on commercial radio," he said.

Home Again is also the opening track on Shihad's first best-of album, The Meanest Hits, due for release on November 7.

Now in their 23rd year as a band, Shihad fans have plenty to look forward to with the best-of, an upcoming documentary film due in cinemas next year as well as a full nationwide tour around the same time.


Shihad's greatest songs as chosen by fans:

1. Home Again
2. My Mind's Sedate
3. The General Electric
4. Pacifier
5. Run
6. You Again
7. Comfort Me
8. La La Land
9. Alive
10. Beautiful Machine

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