It should have been an evening of celebration for Naked and Famous frontman Thom Powers, but an insulting tweet from pop star Anika Moa "ruined his night".

The Naked and Famous took out five accolades at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards last night, including best group and album of the year.

But shortly after the band's clean-up, pop singer-songwriter Moa took to Twitter to publicly insult Powers.

"Well done naked and famous. The main guy is a f***ing Norman but choice as album. Much deserved," she tweeted.


Powers replied: "cheers for the public insult."

He then tweeted a short time later: "Insulted by a pop star and some random public. Night ruined. Mint."

Moa this morning apologised, saying she felt really bad and did not like hurting people's feelings.

"Sorry I insulted you. Your band is amazing. I'm a Norman too now," she tweeted.