Justin Timberlake enjoys watching pornography.

The singer-and-actor has claimed he didn't enjoy shooting his sex scenes with co-star Mila Kunis in their movie Friends with Benefits because it is awkward acting out such intimate sequences.

However, Justin does enjoy watching other people get steamy in the bedroom, just like most guys do.

He said: "It's (sex scenes) part of you're job and we're both professionals and we definitely pushed it to the end of the shoot. We took two weeks and shot all the scenes in bulk. I think that was wise.


"But there was nothing really sexy about it. We were in this bed, going, 'Man I hope people think this is funny.' For me, personally, watching sex scenes is awkward, so we thought it was a good opportunity for comedy. (They're awkward) because you watch two people f**k. I'm joking, I love watching sex - I'm a guy, so I like porn and sex scenes."

Justin had to get naked for the film - which sees the heartthrob's character Dylan and Jamie, played by Mila, agree to have a sexual relationship with no strings attached - but insists he didn't mind stripping off on screen because he is 30 and looks good.

Speaking in this week's edition of Britain's Star magazine, he said: "I am nude in the movie, but I think it was tastefully done and we're always covered up. I think that I'm probably not going to be as game to show my ass when I'm 40, so I'll do it now while I have less time to think about it."

- BANG! Showbiz