Matt Walker, Shakespearean soap actor.

Friday night drinks? Meet me at:

Tanuki's Cave. Bring on the sake.

Where I'll be wearing my new:

Thick possum-fur socks. My toes are not coping with winter.


And this weekend I'm planning on:

Eating well, getting lots of sleep and finishing my book. But somehow I doubt any of those are going to happen.

But first I'll need to refuel at my favorite cafe:

The Fridge in Kingsland. Great food.

Saturday evening. If my dreams came true there would be a gig by:

The National.

But if there's nothing else doing I'll probably just:

Drive to Hamilton to see my mum and have a home-cooked meal.

On my stereo/headphones right now is:

Muse -

Map of the Problematique


The books I can't put down are:

The Hunger Game


The TV show I take the phone off the hook for:

MasterChef, because I'm obsessed with food.

The movie I've been dying to see:

Super 8

. Apparently it harks back to 80s films like

The Goonies

, my favourite film of all time.

A non-cooking Monday night means takeaways from:

Satya. It's the perfect weather for Indian.

Or a splash-out Wednesday night restaurant would be:

Coco's Cantina. For the pork belly.


Matt Walker plays Justin Jefferies in TV3 show Home & Away and Cassio in Othello at the Maidment Theatre from tomorrow.

- TimeOut