Shihad frontman had the pick of the bunch when it came to new band The Adults, on tour soon. By Paula Yeoman.

Jon Toogood has just arrived back in the country on a long-haul flight from London, via Australia where he played a gig with his band, Shihad. He's had a few hours' sleep and has already done an early morning interview for breakfast radio.

But if this is the singer at his most exhausted, he should be bottling the magic ingredient and selling it for big bucks because the guy gives new meaning to the term ageless rocker.

Toogood is about to kick off a nationwide tour with his new side project The Adults, and he's brimming with excitement.

The album, which features Shayne Carter, Julia Deans, Ladi 6, Anika Moa and Tiki Taane, débuted in the charts at No4 and the first Auckland show has already sold out.

Like the rest of the country, Toogood knows he's pulled off a fine record. "I've been thrashing it like a total fan boy. I was there when it was being made but these are not musicians I've spent 22 years of my life with; I don't know how they work. And that's why I can listen to it as a fan."

Toogood, of course, was always going to deliver. As the frontman of Shihad he has been at the forefront of Australasian rock for more than two decades. He is fortunate enough to have had the pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing talent for the album.

But Toogood is adamant he has had a whole heap of luck, too.

"Yes - everyone I am working with is super talented, and luckily I was comfortable enough with each one of them to get on with the business of writing music. But it could have been a fun process but practically unlistenable.

"It's just lucky that it has got this really nice flow and each of the songs is really cool in its own right."

All that is left now is to take the album on the road with Carter and Deans.

With that, he's off for another round of interviews, followed by a rehearsal. Who needs sleep? Not Jon Toogood it would seem.

The self-titled début album from The Adults is out now. They play the Bacco Room in Auckland on July 15 and 16. Visit their site for more tour dates.