It entertained and offended, sometimes at the same time and now Sportscafe is back.

The show featuring friends Marc Ellis, Lana Coc-Kroft and Ric Salizzo will stream live on Facebook on Wednesday.

At least three other shows are planned this year but Salizzo was quick to play down expectations: "It could be crap. It will be just a little bit different and we will honestly have no idea what's going to happen."

Also returning will be Herald on Sunday columnist Leigh Hart, aka That Guy, and Eva the Bulgarian.

Salizzo said the move online would give them greater freedom to shoot from the hip while debating the sporting issues of the day.

"It's actually just a few mates in my office getting together for a few beers and a chat.

"I would do it in my house but I don't want Marc to know where I live."

Salizzo said he was inspired to resurrect the show after watching The Boat That Rocked, a film about the early days of pirate radio starring Rhys Darby.

"I sort of think that's the attitude of Sportscafe as well. It's going to be even more relaxed and ad-libbed than it's ever been."

Salizzo, executive producer of The Crowd Goes Wild, said he had no idea which guests would appear on Wednesday but expected several current All Blacks to drop by.

Facebook fans of All Blacks supporters club BackingBlack will be able to ask questions and comment during the show.

* Sportscafe,, 8.30pm on Wednesday

Bad boy Ellis
2003: Marc Ellis offers $1000 to streakers, prompting a spate of rugby pitch invasions.

2000: He appears drunk during a show filmed at Auckland's Leftfield Bar. Ellis claims he was pretending.

1999: Police brand Ellis irresponsible after Sportscafe shows him riding a bike at 70km/h wearing a pumpkin for a helmet.

1998: Rape Crisis demands Ellis apologise for asking rowers Rob Hamill and Phil Stubbs if they had been "sweating like a rapist" during their trans-Atlantic crossing.