Fans of designer inessentials are in luck. Master craftswoman Sally Ridge is selling her stuff on auction site TradeMe and if you're in the market this week for jeans, high-tops or a book about diamonds, you could be in luck.

And there are bargains to be found. Last month, a Victorian-style jacket purchased in London for "about £200" ($400) sold for a mere $85. "I need the money," Ridge explained online with a sad emoticon symbol.

Going under the pseudonym Sally 2424 (a reference to her former interior design company), a Chloe Paddington bag purchased on EBay for $1800 is now selling this week with no reserve.

No stranger to vending her junk, the celebrity arts and crafts columnist, who downsized last year to a modest family home on Ponsonby's Crummer Rd following her split from Adam Parore (who reached the summit of Mt Everest on Friday), has apparently cleaned the house of unnecessary equipment.

The Crazy Popper popcorn machine has gone, so too the Bodum fondue set, the Nespresso milk frother and the Sunbeam candyfloss machine.

A treadmill and a rowing machine were snapped up too. Plus two mountain bikes, described by Ridge as: "In great condition, has been used literally three times, only on Ponsonby Rd and never off-road."

Trelise Cooper sunnies, complete with "minor scratches," were sold, albeit reluctantly. "Want to keep them but need the money," Ridge posted plainly on the TradeMe page.

A never-been-used Juicy Couture iPhone cover went, as did a pair of Gucci ankle boots and a yellow plastic bag with Marc Jacobs' name emblazoned across it.

An Indian bride Barbie doll purchased in Delhi and still in its packaging was shifted too.

As were a pair of "basically brand new" designer flip-flops, Sally said, "have been worn once but I had to take them off after about an hour as they were too tight around the bridge of my foot."

Ridge's many trades are inundated with positive feedback from buyers.

This week, bids can be placed on a pair of acid-wash jeans or a vintage fur jacket, worn only by Ridge "about two or three times."

New singlets in a variety of sizes from her now defunct James & August underwear label, which went into voluntary liquidation last year, are also available.

But it's her ribbon lamp that caught our eye. Described as "can't purchase anywhere", it sold last year about the same time Ridge relocated from one end of Ponsonby to the other. Spy's forensic photography team noted the description appears identical to one the celebrity crafts maker made for the NZ Women's Weekly on July 7, 2008.

Flogging manufactured merchandise from your magazine column - has it come to that? Ridge did not return Spy's messages.