Some say the Noughties are difficult to define, but if we go by this greatest hits album from the European dance outfit Ladytron we might think of them as a period of melodies you could create on a cellphone - and of course that's the back to the future sound that runs behind many top 20 hits. Ladytron pride themselves on their ability to take old sounds and strip them down until they are new, and the likes of Christina Aguilera have employed their services, to little acclaim. This compilation takes 17 of the best tracks from the group's previous four albums and throws them together for a haunting, lo-fi dance party. While it shows why a group named after one of Britain's best loved songs never cracked it as a best-loved movement, it serves as a benchmark for where we have come in the past decade - which is running backwards hoping to trip on a milestone.

Stars: 3.5/5