Playing Laneway

Your favourite Big Day Out memory?

Not sure if I would call it my favourite but a vivid memory is from my first Big Day Out ever is waking up in a pool of vomit in the back stands and hearing/seeing Marilyn Manson for the first time prancing around on stage in wings, heels and lingerie, burning a Bible.

Playing any other summer music festivals?

We are playing the Titirangi Festival of Music and the Newtown Festival in Wellington this year. We're really looking forward to them as you often come across strange and wonderful acts that you may not have seen before, like Orchestra of Spheres.


Are you more the BDO, Winery Tour, Laneway, or Splore type?

We were lucky enough to play at Splore last year, at the stunning Tapapakanga Regional Park where you can swim in a pohutukawa-fringed bay. Like Womad it has such a cool and relaxed atmosphere, and although the line-up is always good there I'd love to see a Laneway line-up in that setting.



Sam Handley of An Emerald City


St Jerome's Laneway Festival, Aotea Square, Auckland


31 January, 12:30pm Penny Lane