Well, I'm sure going to feel a little lost once Tuesday rolls around and it sinks in that

Outrageous Fortune

is no more, but there are a couple of new shows to act as my rebound.


Antony Starr reappears on Sunday in South Pacific Pictures' latest televised feature,

Spies and Lies

about one of the the country's biggest conmen, Syd Ross. He'll be revealing another side to the face we know as Van, Jethro and more recently,

After the Waterfall

's distraught father John.

Taking over the TV3's Tuesday 8.30pm slot is

The Event

, touted as the next


. It appears the show is so twisted even lead actor Jason Ritter doesn't know what's going on.


Roman Polanski's latest creation

The Ghost Writer

will give your mind a good jangle and your eyes the very distinguished Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor. It opens today along with

The Social Network

, which might just get under your skin if, like me, you have unwittingly succumbed to Facebook's charms. It's a must-see film for anyone who thinks Justin Timberlake can't act.

Andy Garcia's latest independent flick

City Island

is also in cinemas from today, starring his real-life daughter as his on-screen daughter, and top actresses Emily Mortimer and Julianna Margulies. It's a nice light-hearted summery comedy-drama suitable for just about anyone.


The week's glamour event would appear to be tomorrow night's New Zealand Variety Show charity bash at the Aotea Centre with

Bonnie Tyler, Leo Sayer,


John Paul Young

dusting off their enduring hits - or in some cases hit - while headlining the sort of local bill you usually see from a very long way back in the Domain at Christmas.

R&B wonderboy

Jason Derulo

heads to the Logan Campbell Centre on Tuesday night where we are sure he will pause between his hits to inquire about the number of womenfolk in said venue.

On the local front, Auckland band

Great North

are celebrating the release of their new - and very enjoyable - record


, with a gig at the Wine Cellar (St Kevin's Arcade) on Friday. Entry by donation.


Do the

Time Warp


The Rocky Horror Show

returns giving the youngies a chance to see what all the fuss was about and others a chance to reminisce. The show's writer Richard O'Brien, who must be one of the most intriguing characters ever to reside in New Zealand, is narrating the show. It's on tonight and tomorrow night at the Civic before taking off down the country. O'Brien reckons it's not compulsory to dress up, but if you happen to have "just" the thing in your wardrobe, I say, whip it out.