So here was Outrageous Fortune at the beginning of the end.

The premiere of the sixth and final season of what is arguably this country's finest television drama ... ah, comedy ... um, mad bad sexy saga ever.

One, which, with its seemingly contrary mix of family loyalty and outlandish behaviour has captivated throughout and on the showing of last night's hilarious gripping opening episode, is gearing up for a major last lap.

This one came off the back of a very high cliff-hanger from the previous season.

Cheryl had stabbed Detective Sergeant Zane Gerard with a broken bottle of bubbly, as he dragged Pascalle down the front steps of the West family home.

The cop fired back, wounding Pascalle. Cheryl got arrested for the attack and got bailed.

And so life went on as usual - sex in many variations before the second ad break and one killer punchline insulting the good city of Palmerston North.

If that seemed too little payoff from all the what-will-happen next hype that had preceded the season opener - even 3News was promoing the show in a non-story earlier in the evening and John Campbell turned up for a cheesy cameo in the show itself - the episode was just playing for time.

Turns out, Gerard had died of his wounds. And with that, came the start of how this sixth season is turning into an intriguing bookend.

This was a show which started with Cheryl declaring the Wests had to go straight after former hubby Wolf West was locked up.

Now she's facing a very long time inside.

The prison visit scene has long been an Outrageous Fortune staple.

Having Robyn Malcolm's Cheryl - she's still the fantastic acting bedrock of a show which, tonally, is all over the place and proud of it - as the family's latest resident jailbird sure is going to make life interesting this season.

But it looks like it's going to help Outrageous Fortune go out with a bang.

Can't wait.