Boyzone singer Ronan Keating is distraught to think his 12-year union to wife Yvonne could be over following her discovery he has been having an affair with backing dancer Francine Cornell.

Keating has cancelled all work commitments for the next three weeks in a bid to save his relationship.

The 33-year-old singer performed with his bandmates at the SkyDance music festival in Zurich, Switzerland, on Friday but is now flying back to the family home in Dublin, Ireland, to try and convince Yvonne, 36, to give their marriage another chance.

According to the News of the World newspaper, Ronan told a friend: "I'm devastated. I know what I did was wrong. I feel terrible about what this has done to Yvonne. But I'm not prepared to give up on my marriage. I've cancelled everything and I'm going back to Dublin to make this work."

Despite Keating's hopes, Yvonne - who has three children, Jack, 11, Marie, nine and Ali, four, with the pop star - is completely devastated by the revelations and although she is prepared to meet with her husband he will not move back into the family home.

A source said: "Yvonne is completely shocked, upset and hurt. This has hit her very hard and she's not ready to even think about a future with Ronan. At the moment she feels betrayed and she can't see a way back."

The Lost For Words singer is alleged to have been having an affair with Francine, 26, for seven months after meeting her when she was employed as a dancer on Boyzone's UK tour last year.

He is said to have fallen for her and endlessly bombarded her with text messages when they were apart.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "The affair had been going on for around seven months. It was broken off a couple of times but not for long as Ronan can't stay away from her. He's obsessed with Francine - besotted."