In just a few weeks one ambitious leggy waif will be thrust into the spotlight when she wins, before a TV audience of several hundred thousand, New Zealand's Next Top Model.

The winner - tipped to be 16-year-old Auckland student Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie - will, if she plays her hand right, go on to become a bright star on the celebrity circuit.

But fame, as Paul Holmes says, needs to be stroked and flattered. In his autobiography Holmes gives some advice to those new to the game.

"You may not want to go to the awards ceremony but you should be seen there. So go. Dress up, play the star and go."

Being seen in the right places and at the right parties is all part of the game.

Tips from experts for getting your name on the guest list include: boldly ring up and ask for an invitation; get someone else (possibly a PR type) to do it for you; or be incredibly cheeky and just turn up uninvited. Chances are no one will stop you at the door.

Keep your ear to the ground about what parties, openings and functions are on. And once you're there, network furiously.

Says one party pro: "The more things you go to the more people you meet, and you'll get invited to more things."

The more events you turn up to, the more social page photographers will take an interest in you.

Other techniques to make yourself noticed include: attaching yourself to someone famous or very glamorous who is sure to be photographed; wearing clothes that are "a bit cool", something that will catch the photographer's eye; and being bubbly and happy. Scowling is not a good idea unless you want to end up in Metro magazine.

- The Herald on Sunday's Spy gossip columnist Rachel Glucina says the formula to appearing in her pages is quite simple:

- Never beg for a photo. It's a turn-off.

- If you have a pretty friend, the chance you'll be snapped is higher. Think Noah and come in twos (or threes).

- Do not look startled. Deer-in-the-headlights is for the forest.

- If you know a celebrity (but not in a stalker-fan way) find them when you see the Spy snapper wandering by.

We love celebs!

- And if you're snapped with the likes of Lucy Lawless or Robyn Malcolm, you'll look like you know the right people.

- Don't do something provocative (like flash or pash) to get our photographer's attention.

And please remember, we are a family newspaper.