Key Points:

Pregnant star Angelina Jolie has checked into a hospital in the South of France to give birth to her twins, according to several news reports.

"She's very well. Everything is fine," Nadine Bauer, spokeswoman for the Lenval Hospital in Nice told the Associated Press news agency earlier today.

But contrary to claims made by a French magazine on its website that Jolie has already popped out the twins, the serial momma is still very much pregnant.

French mag Closer had this to say earlier today: "Angelina went into labor Tuesday night and gave birth this (Wednesday) morning in a French hospital. The AP story confirms the hospital admittance, but not the birth."

However, they retracted the story when it became plainly obvious that Jolie had not gone into labour.

"Angelina Jolie will give birth in the following days.

"This morning we informed you that Angelina Jolie was supposedly giving birth. The actress is actually under observation at Lanval hospital in Nice. She was admitted on Sunday afternoon and should remain there until she gives birth of her twins. She is to be due in the upcoming days."

Bauer added that Jolie's admittance to the hospital's maternity wing had been planned for some time, but refused to comment on when Jolie officially checked in.

"There's no urgency. It's been planned for a long time," she added.

Meanwhile, In Touch responds to the birth news with: "Angelina's babies are expected to be delivered by French doctor Michele Sussmann and her regular OBGYN Jason Rothbart, who is due to fly to Europe later this week."

Yes, I know we've been here before.

Remember the Entertainment Tonight debacle back in May? The US TV show falsely reported that the star had given birth, when she so obviously hadn't.

Mucho omlette sur le visage.

Anyway, back to the pregnant one.

My money's on Jolie popping before the end of the week.

I'll keep you posted.

Oh, James...

A teaser trailer for the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, has 'leaked' online.

Funny how these marketing materials seem to find their way onto the WWW (pronounced dub, dub, dub in this neck of the woods, which cracks me up), supposedly without the aid of the film distributors.

Enough of the waffle. Here's the trailer, avec Daniel Craig, shirtless and very, very pouty...

Takes one to know one...

Celebrity catfights are gold. And this one that's erupted between catty celebutards Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson is bullion.

It appears that razor-tongued Simpson has upset big booby Pammy after she wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "Real girls eat meat."

The Baywatch babe is angry, and has hit back with a downright dirty insult.

Pammy spoke on radio in Australia recently, to promote her visit to the Aussie Big Brother house - and tore Simpson to shreds.

"I think she is a bitch and w****," blasted Pammy.

"Actually, I don't know if she was talking about food or men."

You can listen to audio of Pammy's radio interview below.


Steady on, Pam.

Blind items

Guess the celebutards...

* "Which skinny popstar arrived in the middle of the night at the Priory demanding to be admitted - but then stormed off after being told that she would have to attend group therapy with non-celebrities?" Popbitch
* "Which famous festival-goer couldn't believe his luck when a fan surprised him with a big bag of Colombian marching powder? No wonder the quirky star scurried off to his Winnebago so fast." Mirror
* "It seems that this tweener star didn't only have a botched nose job. She got her breasts done at the same time. Apparently the saline bag broke, and so she had to reschedule some of the scenes she was filming, fly back to LA and go for silicone instead of saline." CDaN
* "Her reality show should ensure that she never works again in her day job. So which US actress's previous career was as a high-class Hollywood hooker? And one of the things that made her hate her ex-husband was that he was happy to tell friends about it." Popbitch

And one more...

* "Which hard-as-nails married A-lister would be appalled to know he's rapidly becoming a gay icon, with rumours flying around of his marital indiscretions - with men?" Mirror
Not too posh to pash

Victoria Beckham has come clean about her rumoured relationship with 80s heartthrob Corey Haim.

Posh dated Haim in 1995, before she hit the big time with the Spice Girls.

Beckham recalls their doomed romance: "We didn't have sex or anything," she laments.

"In actual fact, he didn't seem to want to try. The most we did was kiss."

But was posh bothered? Hell no.

"Looking back it's hard to work out whether I really fancied him or if I was just a bit of a sad fan," she tells OK!
Hogan time

I love the psychodrama that is the Hogans.

I've said it before - they're like a mass of bacteria swimming in a Petri dish.

No good can become of their shenanigans, obviously, but that doesn't mean we can't amuse ourselves while they continue to short-circuit.

Step up Hulk Hogan (aka the pottymouth that just keeps on giving).

It was only a matter of time before the Hulkster had something to say about his estranged wife Linda's dalliance with a boytoy.

Oh yes, the Hulkster has a lot to say...

Listen to the grumpy beefcake talk to radio host Bubba the Love Sponge here.

Rumour central

Oh no, surely they wouldn't?

Rumour has it that former pop stars BROS are set to make a comeback.

The boyband is already in talks to stage a reunion tour, according to

Band member Matt Goss says, "Being in a band is like being a politician, you've got to make sure everyone is happy. But we're all up for it."

"If we can make the numbers work and the venues work, then we're all up for it.

"I had the best time (on tour). I think everyone that went to see Bros gigs had the best time and that's the one reason we all agreed it'd be a good laugh if we did it."

How do you mend a broken heart?

Ask Pete Doherty.

The tortured genius is so not over his split from super waif Kate Moss.

Dodgy Doherty has posted another gem on his YouTube page, this time lamenting the loss of his former lover.

Here lies video of Doherty singing Bohemian Love, his ode to the sorely missed Moss.

Quote of the day

"I have close to fifty movies and it's like, why am I in the movies? I've done that part now. I'll go back to the stage and do standup."

- Eddie Murphy, on his plans to retire. Halleluiah!

Rough as...

How worn out and pasty does David Beckham look in this picture?

Photoshop, stat!

Hubby love

Elton John's other half, David Furnish, says he finds it very "upsetting" when the singer criticises his own appearance.

Furnish says, "We are actually a very wash-and-go couple. I'm probably out the door in half an hour but Elton takes a bit longer. He's very self-conscious about the way he looks and very hard on himself."

"I get upset when he looks in the mirror and says, 'Oh, I look horrible.' He shouldn't beat himself up - he has a fantastic dress sense." Source
Your daily dose of Winehouse...

Here's the latest scoop on the jazz joke:

* Wino has decided to quit the London clinic she was admitted to two weeks ago, according to news reports. Britain's The Sun says Wino threw a tanty after her shambolic Glastonbury appearance, and demanded to be released from the facility.

* Meanwhile, Wino's incarcerated dreamboat of a hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, is allegedly plotting drug-fuelled sex romps with some jailbird. Yes, it just gets dirtier.

* Oh, and Jay-Z is baffled by Wino's public dissing of his mate Kanye West during her Glasto performance on Saturday. As I reported to you on Monday, the toxic singer branded West a "c***!" during her flawed performance.

Madge 'affair' slated

Madonna's mouthpiece has discounted claims that the singer is having an affair, or that she's getting a divorce.

Ok! published an article yesterday which hinted that the Material Girl was getting close and personal with New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.

The pair supposedly met last October, when fitness fanatic Madge was working out at Reebok Sports Club NY in Manhattan.

Then, in May, Rodriguez was invited to the singer's show at NYC's Roseland Ballroom, and reportedly partied away until the wee small hours with her afterwards.

Sounds like cobblers. I'm inclined to believe Madge's longtime mouthpiece, Liz Rosenberg, on this one: "Madonna's husband Guy arrived in New York last night to be with his wife and family (not in a last ditch attempt to save his marriage which does not need saving)," Rosenberg told

"There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce."

Rosenberg also dismissed the affair rumours.

"Madonna and Alex have the same manager, Guy Oseary. They have met. They know each other and Madonna took her kids to a Yankees game last week. There's really not anything to comment on beyond that."

"It's nothing new that people are airing tons of dirty laundry Madonna's way lately - much of it untrue."

She added: "By the way, rumors of Madonna and Lil Wayne are quite exaggerated, as well."

Oh, you joker!

See you Friday.

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