Key Points:

One of CNN's star journalists
is allegedly embroiled in a bizarre tale of 'drugs 'n' debauchery'.
Richard Quest, a CNN anchor
and personality was arrested on Friday for drug possession, amongst other
Quest, 46, best-known for his
work as CNN's business travel specialist and his eponymously-titled show Quest, was arrested in New
York's Central Park with methamphetamine
in his pocket.
Initial reports indicated he had been arrested for loitering and violating the park's curfew.
Quest was busted around
3:40am when police found him and another man inside the park near 64th street,
sources say.
The park is normally closed
between 1 am and 6 am.
But there's more to this
scandal than meets the eye.
The New York Post is reporting that Quest not only
had drugs in his pocket, he also had a rope around his neck that was tied to
his genitals.
Aside from the strategically
placed rope, the newspaper also reports that a police search uncovered a sex
toy inside the boot of his car.
And here's the punch line...
The Post (with nary a whiff of irony) says "It wasn't immediately clear
what the rope was for."
I'd draw you a diagram, but
my editor would most likely castrate me.
Meanwhile, the New York Times says Quest freely
admitted to having a controlled substance on him, telling a police officer at
the scene: "I've got some meth in my pocket."
Quest was later charged with loitering
and criminal possession of a controlled substance. However, despite his unusual
get-up, he escaped a lewdness charge because he wasn't exposing himself at the

Update: Quest has reportedly agreed
to six months of counselling in exchange for a judge's promise to drop the
charge if the therapy is successful.

CNN has yet to comment on
Quest's arrest.
His lawyer, however, has
piped up and offered his take on the bizarre events.
Abramson, says: "Mr Quest didn't realise
that the park had a curfew."

He was simply "returning
to his hotel with friends," 
Abramson said.

Now there's a fabulous
euphemism if ever I've heard one. And I bet the "friends" will say they were "roped" into being there too? Genius.
Looks like CNN has a real
meth on its hands...
Stay tuned for updates.


Perma-tan progeny Enrique Iglesias says he regrets blabbing that he had a small penis.
The singer made the oddball
declaration a few years ago.
Problem is people took him
seriously, and he's now known as the "dude with the small
He tells Showbiz Spy, "I said
I had a small penis as a joke. And they took it literally when it is not the
truth. So when people find out it's not the case they are pleasantly

Action replay

Trouble's best mate, Amy
Winehouse, has been caught on tape doing drugs again.

The messed-up singer has been
filmed by The News Of The World smoking a joint as she trotted to her Camden
home last week.

Video here.

Seriously, we're all past
caring. Puff yourself away to oblivion, darling.

Homeless mess

Remember red carpet clown
Gary Busey?
He's the twit that accosted
Jennifer Garner on the red carpet at this year's Oscars.
Well, it looks like karma has
come 'round to bite him on the ass.
Busey's reportedly been
evicted from his Malibu
home for not paying his rent.
The toothy
allegedly owes (US $50,000) in back rent, which he refuses to pay because
he claims the "unclean air
conditioning vents" in his abode were a health risk to him.
Busey is demanding that his
landlord fix the foul air he's being forced to inhale.

Ugly bird

Nature can be wicked.
Meet Oscar, the cockatoo
dubbed "the world's ugliest bird".
Poor Oscar has a disease
called beak and feather - which basically means she's permanently starkers.
Hot naked bird action in a
cage here.

Suicide bid

Late Croc man Steve Irwin
saved his father from suicide, news reports claim.
Irwin reportedly saved his
father from shuffling off the mortal coil after his wife of 40 years died in a
car crash.
After his wife Lyn died in
2000, Bob, 68, says he contemplated committing suicide - before his son talked
him out of it.
The Croc pa tells the National
, "I couldn't see a future without Lyn. Steve said, 'I know what
you're going to do,' before adding, 'Well, if you're going to do it, then I'm
coming.' I just couldn't let him do it, and he knew it."

Age crusade

Whatever you do, don't
mention age around Harrison Ford.
The ageing (oops) actor says
he's fed up of people who think he's too old to reprise his role as
relic-hunter Indiana Jones.
The 65-year-old is set to hit
the big screen in the fourth installment of the Jones saga, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal
next month.
But despite having a senior
citizen in the lead role, Ford is confident that the film will be a huge hit.
He also insists that his
ageing is something that's fully embraced in the new film.
He says, "That's one of
the things I was most keen about. Just acknowledge the years, without
reservation. What's the big deal? The guy's 18, 20 years older. So what? Yeah,
I've heard it: 'Aaaaw, he's older.' Well yes. And by the way? So are you...
Take a look in the f*ing mirror!"
Ooh, touchy! No, there's no
age complex here.

Sad songs

Poor Lilly Allen, she's not a
happy bunny.
Allen's just posted two new
demo songs on her MySpace page, and they offer a stark insight into her
troubled mind.
The singer hopes the "leaked"
songs will give her fan(s) "an idea of my new direction".
Listen here.

Sex shocker!

Warning: Stop reading now if you don't want to find out
about a MAJOR Sex and The City plot

Latest info: Cynthia Nixon has let slip
that "a character dies in the movie".
Miraculously, Nixon stopped
short of divulging who corks it.
But that hasn't stopped the
blogosphere from going into meltdown and pumping out a few theories:

New York magazine's
Daily Intel Blog thinks Charlotte
will snuff it. It cites her cause of death as a "freak tennis accident" - because
it "can't think of a reason not to kill Charlotte".

The Vulture blog, also from
NY magazine, conspires that Mr Big will be six feet under.
"Big's death will
end the first act of the movie, which will be followed by a tasteful period of
mourning, and then a montage. Carrie will end the movie sad, but plucky."
Source: my moles,

Hurley burley

Does Liz Hurley have a
ciabatta in the oven?
The pouty one is the latest
celeb to be at the centre of Hollywood's
greatest guessing game: Am I with sprog or not?
Life & Style magazine
reports that Hurl set tongues wagging at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's
Hottest Pink Party Ever in NYC on April 8.
Her pal Elton John reportedly
ran up to her and then "rubbed her tummy" in full view of other guests.
But, supposedly, the clincher
has to be the tidbit that John "raised his eyebrows" at the same time.
"Elton kissed and hugged Elizabeth and
congratulated Arun," a snitch tells the magazine.
"They seemed to be giggling over their little
The magazine also says that
Hurley wore a tummy-covering sari and abstained from alcohol all evening.
Oh well, she's having quads
then, obviously.

Trouble in paradise

Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly
got married a couple of weeks ago, and they're already warring like an old couple,
news reports claim.
The happy couple attended a
fundraiser event for Presidency-hopeful Barack Obama last week, and things went
to pot when the DJ at the event decided to play Beyonce's Crazy in Love.
Word has it that Jay-Z spat
the dummy and screamed, "F**k that. Sorry Bey, but f**k that - let's play
something else."
His bootylicious other half
was not a happy camper.
A snitch says, "He meant it
as a joke, but Beyonce didn't take it that way. After he came off stage, she
confronted him, demanding to know what the hell his comments had been about.
She was gesturing wildly and not looking happy."


Ashton Kutcher shares details
about his first sexual experience:
"I was 15. It was out in the
woods with a girl I had just met who my buddy set me up with. The whole thing
lasted two seconds. It was really awkward. Two years later I had sex with her
again just to show her the first performance was a fluke and I'd gotten
Too. Much. Information.

Blind items

You'll never guess...
* Which actress on a cancelled
show was "doing her body weight" in cocaine at a beachy magazine shoot over the
* Which recently rehabbed
rocker got clean through a week-long induced coma? He couldn't bear to sweat
out the booze on his own.

Quote of the day

"I have liked big t*ts
ever since I was a kid. I was breastfed for too long I think. It messed me
 - Kanye West

Nice dress, I'll take it

Celeb-spawn Peaches Geldof
has hit the headlines again - after allegedly walking off with a $1500 dress
and not paying for it.
British tabloid The Mirror reports that Sir Bob Geldof's
wayward brat, 18, supposedly walked out of a shop with the designer silk
garment in London's
Carnaby street
on Thursday.
A shop assistant reportedly
noticed the dress was missing and called her management, after which naughty
Peaches later turned up at the shop with the swag and apologised.
The socialite claims a "simple misunderstanding" was to blame for the incident, but the shop's manager
Nazinna Douglas tells the tabloid, "She can get everything she wants for free. To her taking a dress means nothing
but it's not something we take lightly. This is our livelihood. It's just not
A source from the Geldof camp
says the whole thing was an "innocent mix-up".
"The dress was on a
counter with her scarf, bag and coat and after the shoot, she scooped up the
stuff and ran for her next appointment. The shop management were quite
justifiably p***** off but it was an innocent mistake and she later paid for
the dress."
I'm inclined to believe this
was a bonafide mistake, because Peaches was reportedly being followed by a TV
crew who were filming her for a doco at the time.
I mean, what kind of a donut
would nick with a captive audience?

Bunny love

Minnie Driver on how she
became pregnant:
"It's the Easter
bunny... I've never had sex."

Corrie horror!

It's been a while since I've
watched seminal British soap opera Coronation
, but after seeing this clip, I'm going right back in the saddle.
This video shows Gail Platt taking a dramatic tumble down the stairs, after being pushed
by her evil son, David.

Liz is alive!

My mate Elizabeth Taylor is
alive and kicking.
The movie legend has made
what appears to be a miraculous recovery after her alleged drug overdose last week.
Watch her in action here - sans howling, and looking

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