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Heavy metal star Alice Cooper will be joining fellow aging rockers Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss for an Easter concert in Wellington.

Cooper is the latest announcement for the capital's long weekend event at the Westpac Stadium.

Cooper gained notoriety after a 1969 concert incident led to him being reported, wrongly, to have bitten the head off a live chicken and drunk its blood on stage. But he continued to court controversy with his stage shows featuring electric chairs, fake blood and boa constrictors.

His major hits include I'm Eighteen, School's Out and Welcome to My Nightmare.

Unlike Cooper with the chicken, Osbourne actually did bite the head off a bat while on stage after thinking it was fake. He has kept his fame alive in recent years with his family's reality TV show.

Concert promoter Phil Sprey said the concert was attracting attention from around the world.

"Hotels are seeing bookings rolling in from as far away as Scandinavia, Canada and Argentina," he said.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale on December 17.