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Gwen Stefani's energy for last night's show at the Vector Arena was relentless.

Her Sweet Escape tour to promote her second solo album came complete with six-piece band (including brass section) and eight flamboyant back-up dancers, and her show was part pop spectacle, part fashion show.

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Absolutely delicious! What a fantastic show. Big kudos to Gwen and her entourage who very successfully staged the ultimate girls night out. It was better than I expected it to be. My girlfriend and I were gob smacked by the skill of the backup dancers. The band was also well into it all. I, like another poster here, would go back and watch it all again in a heartbeat! Absolute value for money, I have a new respect for Gwen.
Gwen was amazing, what a talent that lady is. Seems to be a really lovely lady to, would go see her again in a heartbeat. What a great night. Loved it when Gwen jumped out into the crowd. Thanks Gwen.
We had desert at Dine before the concert and Gavin [Rossdale, Gwen's husband] comes in and sits at the next table, just us and him in the restaurant at that time. Then at the concert we were in the floor seats on the right hand side aisle and Gavin strolls backwards and forwards 4 times and no-one realises it was him but us.
Nina (Auckland)
Not being a 'real' Gwen fan but having always thought she was pretty good, I brought tickets and wasn't disappointed. Amazing pipes that lady has! Not many are better live but she's one of them. I've been to U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, P!NK and Guns N Roses in the last 9 months and Gwen kept me entertained the whole way through. Was a little underwhelmed by the stage however, the costumes were wonderful and yet the stage didn't stack up in my opinion. Although P!NK is still my favourite all round experience, Gwen's energy impressed me.
Chanel (Auckland)
Amazing. My first concert and I was not disappointed one bit. Gym Class Heroes got the night started and they were the perfect line up before Gwenny. She was absolutely timeless and engaging. Her Harajuku girls were loose and I would pay to see her again any day!
What a night, Gwen was incredible I would do it all over again and again. Everything about her performance was impeccable. She looked and sounded flawless in person. Man she can sing. Loved it when she ran out to sing by her fans and jumped barriers! Cannot believe this woman has had a baby. Gwen looked overwhelmed with crowd, loved that. Thank you Gwen.
Ally Fan AucklandThat was the most amazing concert in every sense of the word. Even the kind gesture from the kids in row 3 who managed to get 3 little toys up onto the stage, a kiwi, a cow and a buzzy bee that ended up going back stage with the dancers....Didn't think much of Gym Class Hero's, the lead singer forgot that you have to pull your jeans up past your bum cheeks.... and the white undies?? Please give me a break... Wish I was on a flight to Brisbane for tomorrow nights concert as I would see her again in a heartbeat.
SarahAll I can say is.... BRILLIANT! I am definately a Gwen fan! She is so talented, and her dancers were also so talented and very entertaining. The whole show from start to finish was fantastic! I also thought it was brilliant that she got into the crowd and sang whilst standing with the fans...... I have been to many large concerts, and this must be the best show I have seen!!! GWEN ROCKS!!!!! :)Gwen Lover, AucklandI was extremely excited about this concert and I was not disappointed. The night from start to finish was freaking fabulous! Gwen is one hot, talented mamma!
Margaret, OtaraThank you for a great concert. Well put together. I clapped my hands from the beginning of the concert to the end of the concert. Thats how good it was. We are so honoured that you came down.
Olivia, AucklandI've always enjoyed Gwen Stefani in No Doubt and have followed her through her solo career. I wasn't her biggest fan but last night she had had me screaming like a 14 yr old school girl! When she came into the crowd I was metres away and like the rest of the crowd I was going crazy! The energy was fantastic, her vocals were spot on and her costumes were hot! I'm going to go do some stomach crunches now...
Jada from AucklandWow what a fantastic show!!, High energy, great songs, great sound, great vocals, great dancers!!. It was waaaay better than Pink's show. I loved the way Gwen come into the crowd and sang with us, she had the crowd on her feet singing to "Cool", just loved it. Very down to earth lady as well, chatted to the audience a lot too which is always a nice touch. It would have been a bonus if she had sung a No Doubt song though.Lets hope she makes her way back down here soon, i would have gone to a second show had we had one.
Jen BenThank you Gwen for best concert I have ever attended. To me, you out rocked one of my all time favourite bands Queen. That concert has been at the top of my list since I was 18 as no one, or band I have seen in live over the past 20years here in NZ has topped our Freddie Mercury expect you Gwen Stefani. Not only was Gwen classy & stunning, but her dancers & band were acceptably outstanding. I'm still buzzing from just having the luxury of seeing her live, I thank you for the privledge to one of the music world's greatest perfomers.
Peter AucklandWas Beefyboy at another concert or is he deaf and dumb as his comments certainly don't reflect the concert I was at. Gwen was stunning to say the least. The show was the best I have ever seen and I have seen plenty, believe. The energy and enthusiasm, totally out of this world and sound wise, excellent. I now a confirmed Gwen fan, I just wish the rest of NZ could see what a great performer she is.
Nicolala (Auck)GWEN is amazing!!! This minx rocks my world! What a way to lose my Vector virginity.
ANGELJENYou have to wonder if Beefyboy was at the same show as the rest of us?????????????? It's a pity you feel that way.
CynthiaGwen's concert last night was absolutely FANTASTIC. The line-up, costumes, dancing, lights, and everything were incredible. It was such a surprise that she ran down into the crowd to sing and the crowd loved it! Loved her photo collage in her final song before the encore which gave us a glimpse into the star's personal life. Awesome. It was a professional, well groomed show and I will definitely be going to see her perform again if she's back in the near future!
GrantMyself, my wife & a friend all thoroughly enjoyed Gwen Stefani last night, she put on a fantastic show! She sung all her hits & really got the crowd going from start to finish, it was indeed a high energy show. Also, I must say her dancers were absolutely incredible, some of moves they were pulling off would have to rank them in the elite of world break/hip hop dancers, her band was also good.It was also a great suprise to see Gwen mingling with the crowd & getting very "up close & personal". The whole crowd seemed to absolutely love the concert & it finished with the power packed song "what ya waiting for"......well the wait for her to come to New Zealand as Gwen Stefani, was certainly worth it! :-)
Gaya ChinniahAbsolutely fantastic. I have been to 7 concerts from major groups and this was by far the best. I went with no expectations and I am still buzzing from last night. My partner who came along just to hear a couple of songs is now a convert. She was a genuine person who highly respects her fans! Worth every penny.
BeefyboyUtter crap. Without a sound room to remix gwen is crap. as a live performance this is the worst ever.
New fanWOW - I only went to this concert because a friend that had a ticket couldnt go, so I took her place!! And im SOOOOOOOOO glad that I did, I am a renewed fan of Gwen Stefani, she absolutely ROCKED and is just about the most stunning women in the world, awesome dancers, great band! definately a 10/10 concert for me!! would go see her again in a SECOND.
StephenWOW! What a night! That girl can perform, she had every one of us on our feet, and what can i say, whan she climbed through the crowd everyone was going mad!! She had faultless vocals ( better than radio) and amazing costumes. The harijuku girls and back up dancers were fantastic too! And what an awesome venue!
Stuart AndersonAwesome show, high energy and very interactive. Great to see stars these days get amoungst the crowd. Great she talked to us. Excellent show.
Wendy from AucklandGwen Stefani's concert at Vector Arena last night was AMAZING. She had so much energy to put into her performance. I found myself on my feet from the moment she first walked on stage, until she waved goodbye. I couldn't help myself... her up-beat dance tunes were so contagious that you just HAD to dance the entire time. I find myself wishing she had a second concert so I can go again!!I am definately one of Gwen's "New Zealand girls".
MinksI won tickets to see Gwen and I was reasonably excited to be going but not thrilled. Well that all changed in a duration of 2 hours. Cue Gwen and her californian accent and boundless aura, she was a shining light i couldnt take my eyes off.
Its amazing how a singer that has so much radio play can be on stage with a full and very talented band backing her and sound even better than on the radio. Teamed with quirky outfits, flawless make-up and incredible dancers leaping around her and you have a very enthralling show that by the end i wasnt ready to say goodbye, and judging by her face she wasnt ready to say good bye to us. I have now converted to the way of the Gwen and she has a revived fan in NZ.

Shay, AucklandWow. What an amazing show! I went to Pink back in May and i was wondering if Gwen Stefani was going to stack up. And she so did! Faultless voice, awesome dancers, cool set and i loved it how she came into the crowd! Shows that shes just really another person, with an amazing voice and body to match! Also like to say the Vector arena once again pleasantly surprised me! Awesome venue :)
kettleGwen Stefani's concert was so amazing last night, so much energy, amazing dancing, costumes, the way she came into the crowd, everything about the whole night was fantastic! i hope she comes back to New Zealand again very soon!!
Jake (Auckland)
Gwen Stefani proved that she is giving pop queen Madonna a run for her money. Her performance oozed of vitality, funk and 100 per cent pure cool. She ran over the entire stadium, singing and dancing like it was her last performance. The crowd ate out of her hand, and she knew how to keep them hanging on for more. After being impressed with her last night, I am an official "Gwennabe".
I thought the concert was awesome and she really got the crowd working. I couldn't believe she went into the audience either. Awesome.
Gwen Stefani was amazing last night. She lit up the Vector Arena like nobody's business. From the classics such as "Holla Back Girl" to her ear-catching sounds from Sweet Escape, she definitely won the crowd over. A real people pleaser when she ran through the crowd with her body guard entourage and up into the stands five metres from us. We had an awesome time and wouldn't hesitate going to see her in a split second. 10/10!
Great venue, awesome concert. I was so impressed with Gwen' energy and ability. She can sing, dance and interact beautifully with the audience. Loved the slow songs and her running into the audience :)
Lisa (Auckland)
Having been to P!NK and arriving at the concert to find a much less dramatic stage, can't say I was disappointed, I'd love some of her energy!
The anticipation when the tape and security guards fanned out on the floor was palatable. Everyone was guessing incredulously. And suddenly Gwen came up into the crowd and sang mere metres from our seats!

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow I'm am in total awe of the beauty that is Gwen Stefani! What a show! What a talent! What a voice! What a performer! I can not imagine one person leaving the show unhappy last night. Not one song was a let down. The band and dancers were top notch and I can't wait for her to come back.