Key Points:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Newstalk ZB's studio this morning.

Early morning talkback listeners were treated to an exclusive interview with Paul Holme's Dancing With the Stars partner Rebecca Nicholson, who revealed the talkback host "reminded me of my Dad when he dances".

Interrogated by Holmes' co-hosts Bernadine Oliver-Kirby and Tony Veitch, Nicholson revealed her favourite film was Dirty Dancing, however, she said she had no intention of re-enacting the infamous lift with Holmes.

Holmes chimed in saying he was absolutely confident he would not be dropping his partner on her head, a la Rodney Hide, as he would not be lifting her at all.

"You don't have to do flash things like that to be good," said Holmes.

The dancing duo treated Oliver-Kirby and Veitch to a sample of their rumba, which they will perform during the series' second episode.

While Oliver-Kirby commended the couple on their "hip movement", Nicholson said their ambitions were modest.

"We're aiming for halfway. We don't know about winning but we'll try."