Entertainment blogger Chris Schulz takes in five great moments from an otherwise predictable, and occasionally boring, Emmy Awards.


"This is what happens when you don't come to rehearsal," said

Seth MacFarlane

after arriving on stage to announce the award for best reality show host, stomping up to the wrong microphone and delivering his lines to an audience that couldn't hear him. He walked over to the correct mic, one that was switched on, put on his best Stewie Griffin voice and said: "That's gonna be on YouTube." Indeed it is:


2. Fighting his way onto the stage, Jon Stewart seemed pretty chuffed to have won the Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Comedy or Music Series for his must-see "fake" news broadcast The Daily Show. That is until he dropped an F-bomb and slammed the Emmys as "predictable". The balls on that guy. Watch the censored incident below:

3. When Julia Louise-Dreyfus won the award for best actress in a comedy, she started reading out the wrong speech. Turned out it was fellow nominee Amy Poehler's acceptance speech. Poehler should have won, and this stunt looked more than a little staged, but Louise-Dreyfus' awkward intake of breath suggests she hadn't been told.

4. Anyone who's seen the awesomely awkward Girls knows Lena Dunham doesn't mind getting her kit off. But did anyone expect her to show up naked in a toilet stall eating cake during the Emmys' opening skit? Urgh doesn't even begin to cover it.

5. Here's the skit that sent Twitter into meltdown and proved just how gullible users of the social media service are. Host Jimmy Kimmel used Tracey Morgan in an obvious bid to increase viewership and get people talking about the show. But Morgan and his nunchucks stole the show. Watch it below:

And if you're looking for a sixth, well it was probably Kat Dennings and that dress.

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