A favourite hobby for people with too much spare time on their hands is to compile random videos. And thanks to YouTube user Zacbar we have this compilation of the

Best Ever Hollywood Death Scene One-liners

. My favourite? "You once were a ve-gone, but now you will be gone," from


Scott Pilgrim vs the World

. Classy. (


2. Ever wanted to see Ryan Gosling sing and dance? How about as a 10-year-old? Your wishes have come true. Check out footage of the Drive star, aged 10, performing at a Mormon talent show in 1991. (Huffington Post)

3. Ready to get scared? Then check out the trailer for V/H/S, a film comprised of five parts, each directed by people intent on providing maximum boo for your buck. Check out the scary, horrific, blood-thirsty trailer and story premise here. And if you like that, also investigate The Helper. (Screenrant)

4. "I've listened to this track 30 times today," ranted one Twitter user after downloading the new Unknown Mortal Orchestra song, I'll Come Back 4 U. Must be a good one, then. (Stereogum)

5. These two new Breaking Bad season five teaser trailers contain spoilers, so if you haven't seen season four then DON'T CLICK THIS LINK. (Screen Rant)

6. Now here's a cool idea for a film: Wreck-it-Ralph stars the bad guy from one of those Donkey Kong-style arcade games and sends him on a journey of self-discovery - via some of the biggest video games of the past 10 years. John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman provide the voicework. (YouTube)

7. Green Day's new album Uno! is due out on September 21, so check out a sneak peek at the trailer and album artwork here. (YouTube)

8. Two new albums are planned by hip-hop mainstays Public Enemy this year, and here's the first newbie, Get It In, via The Corner. Also check out Cat Power's newbie Ruin and Think About Me from The New Pornographers.

9. Need help with your swag? Aziz Ansari is here to help you. Zach Galifianakis seems to be a lost cause though. (YouTube)

10. So you made it to the end. Yay for you. Your reward is Shia LaBeouf getting his kit off in the new Sigur Ros video. You have been warned.