Jay-Z and Kanye West unveil their violent, blood-splattered new video for their latest single in our wrap of the best links of the day.


Talk about a riot. If you're sitting at work with a boss lurking over your shoulder, it's probably best to wait until you get home to check out the new video for

No Church in the Wild

, the latest from


Kanye West




Watch the Throne

project. Crafted by controversial director

Romain Gavras

, it's a gritty, violent riot which looks amazingly real. Oh, it also has elephants. It's too out there to embed, so check it out

. (Pitchfork)

2. Maybe you've seen Marilyn Manson play that angry shock rocker role one too many times. Well, you can check out a different side to him in the short film Wrong Cops: Part 1. The full film has been removed from the interweb but you can check out the trailer here. (Facebook)

3. With the tagline "Great shapes fall from the sky, run," the trailer for Tetris: The Movie is almost certainly a joke. But it's still pretty entertaining. Anyone know where I can find an old GameBoy? (Buzzfeed)

4. Zombie season is sooo over and vampires are back in fashion, so check out the new trailer for season five of True Blood, premiering in the US on June 10 and, I'm guessing, some time shortly after in New Zealand. Fingers crossed. (Collider)

5. It's unusual to hear gruff rappers put their hearts on their sleeves but that's exactly what NaS has done with Daughters. It's both a love letter to his daughter - and a warning to her potential suitors. If NaS really has a shotgun, it's a brave man who would brave a date her. (Twitter)

6. Here's the trailer for Dark Blood, the last ever film to feature late actor River Phoenix. My controversy senses are tingling over this one. (YouTube)

7. New music alert: Here's a new single from Lawrence Arabia, a trippy song called Protection from The Invisible, a random track featuring both Childish Gambino and Beck, and erm, some new Kylie Minogue.

8. Ever wanted to see Garbage singer Shirley Manson fire up and kick someone out of a concert? Your wish has been granted. (NME)

9. Opossum's debut album Electric Hawaii is streaming right here on nzherald.co.nz. Open up a separate browser and listen to their sweet tunes all day. (nzherald.co.nz)

10. A new website dedicated to undiscovered local music launches today. The Audience promises to highlight fresh new talent through playlists and charts, with a $10,000 grant going to the most popular song each month. Read more about it here and bookmark it in as a daily favourite. (nzherald.co.nz)