The demand for organics is growing astronomically as more consumers get on board with eco-friendly and health-conscious foods. New Zealand's largest organic food brand Ceres, based in Auckland, has reported an expansion of 100 per cent over the last five years.

This growth is staggering compared to the annual growth of one to two per cent in the general food sector. Even Ceres has never seen this kind of expansion before. Its average growth has been 20 per cent in the 30 years since it was established.

"The demand for organic food has catapulted since about 2009 as consumers become more aware of what's in their food, and what they don't want in their food," says Managing Director Noel Josephson.

Ceres is a quintessential example of ethical food, coming from humble beginnings. The company started as an organic vegetable co-op working out of a garage, but it now it employs 150 people and has a growing international presence in the organics sector.


Recently, the business took an extra step towards sustainable business by moving its headquarters to a facility that is on its way to earning a Five Green Star, or New Zealand Excellence rating for its design. This included re-using and recycling materials from the building that was originally on the site.

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