Ooooby is pushing the envelope of food business. While many other companies exist solely for their own gain, Ooooby has the intention of reinvigorating local food economies and paying off for everyone.

Named after the acronym for Out of our own back yards, Ooooby developed an online platform to connect food producers direct to grocery shoppers in their local area.

But the system Ooooby has come up with doesn't just provide a helping hand for the food industry; it also grants a greater ease of choice to local consumers, making for a more engaged and self-sustaining community. Ultimately, the complexity and costs of the entire food economy is reduced, making for a better experience from anyone involved - from producer, to customer, to investor.

The founders of the group have even transferred 90 percent of their shares in Ooooby Ltd to the not-for-profit Ooooby Foundation, which specifically aims to rebuild communities' food systems. This means a large proportion of profits will be channelled into supporting local food projects such as startup funding for urban farms and artisan small businesses.


Ooooby was founded less than five years ago. In that time, the business has successfully built solid foundations in Auckland, Waikato, Matakana, Sydney, and Fresno, California. It has established itself as a valuable alternative for people who have grown tired of mainstream shopping.

But this is only the beginning. The company is now ready to open up more hubs around the country.

Ooooby is an ethical venture which helps to rebuild local food systems, paying off not only for producers and consumers, but also for investors. They get to benefit, saving on their groceries while they're simultaneously saving the world, by way of a great shareholder discount off the regular retail price of products purchased via the Ooooby system. Everybody wins, with greater wellbeing and a brighter food future.

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