The economic response to Covid-19 continues to be the big talking point for this election.

In this Local Focus video, Tauranga candidates were asked what gives their party credibility to lead New Zealand out of a recession.

National's Simon Bridges immediately pointed to the track record of National during the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes. Defending his time as minister of transport he referred to the Tauranga Eastern link as an example of new infrastructure.

But National came under attack from NZ First's Erika Harvey.


"We have a surplus because for nine years, National really didn't do anything," she said. "They didn't support our social services. There were longer queues at hospitals. There was an underinvestment in infrastructure."

The Coalition government has been fixing those problems, she said, which shows NZ First to be good managers of the economy.

Labour's Jan Tinetti pointed to the way her party has handled the Covid-19 response as proof of economic credibility.

"We now know that a good health response leads to a good economic response."

Meanwhile Act candidate Cameron Luxton says his party stands for economic freedom and that is what New Zealand needs.

Also standing in the Tauranga electorate:
• Andrew Caie for Opportunities
• Josh Cole for the Greens
• Paul Hignett for New Conservatives
• Tracy Livingstone for the Outdoors Party

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