Students often think the last thing their teachers can do is a bust a move but Aquinas College staff have proven this wrong.

A video circulating social media showed the Tauranga teachers lip syncing and dancing to popular 90s tune Keep on Movin' by 5ive.

The performance was crafted together by three Year 13 school leavers, who saw another school do something similar and thought it would be a fun part of their leavers assembly.

Sure enough, after five days of filming, editing and some cooperative teachers, the masterpiece was created.


The video has blown up on social media, getting a bunch of likes and shares, as well as comments from ex-students and friends.

Principal Matt Dalton said the Year 13 students had approached senior management with the idea and they had been right on board.

He said it was a good way to do away with the prank-culture that surrounded leaving school, but to still do something fun.

The video was a light-hearted way of shaking the idea that teachers were rigid and boring, he said.

He said it definitely put himself and a lot of teachers out of their "comfort zone" but the students had loads of fun telling the teachers what to do while choreographing.

Nearly every staff member participated and the students were thrilled when it was shown to them, he said.

"The end product was quite impressive... the students were blown away with how well it was put together."