Anxious Kiwis are taking to Google to find out whether schools in New Zealand will close due to coronavirus.

The question is one of the increasingly most-searched queries on Google in the past day in New Zealand, according to Google Trends.

But there are no concrete answers yet to be found - as of last night, school principals were seeking urgent talks with the Ministry of Education over contingency plans for closing schools if the pandemic worsens.

The decision on whether to close schools will rest with health authorities.


Other top searches over the past day included "Coronavirus Queenstown" and "Coronavirus tips".

Meanwhile, a breakout search in the past week was "Tom Hanks Coronavirus", after the beloved actor revealed on social media he was self-isolating in Australia and had tested positive for the virus.

Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have both tested positive, but the pair appear to be doing well, and are in good spirits.

"Celebrities with Coronavirus" has experienced a 1200 per cent increase in searches compared to the previous week.

Coronavirus updates: Spain goes on lockdown, following Italy's example. Video / CBS

Searchers were also concerned about their travel plans, with "Jetstar Coronavirus cancellation" searches spiking 650 per cent.

The budget carrier has opened up some flexibility to passengers travelling via areas affected by the virus. Passengers with flights departing between January 24 and March 31, who no longer wish to travel, are invited to rebook on to a future Jetstar service or cancel their tickets for a full refund. Cancellation and rebooking fees will not be charged.

Rising searches in the past hour include "Coronavirus temperature range", "Coronavirus global cases", and, in French, "Coronavirus Nouvelle Zelande [New Zealand]".

People also want to know if there is a cure for the virus, how it started, whether it is airborne, and how it spreads.


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Among all trending searches for New Zealand are "hand sanitiser nz", "self-isolation rules", and "OCR".

The Reserve Bank just this morning announced a 0.75 per cent cut to the Official Cash Rate (OCR), down to 0.25 per cent.

The overall top search across all time periods for coronavirus in New Zealand was simply "Coronavirus NZ".