The impact Kiwi drifting star Mad Mike Whiddett is having on the sport is far-reaching and that has been highlighted by an entry into this weekend's Mad Mike Summer Bash at Hampton Downs.

Amateur drifter George Myburgh met Whiddett at the Mazda and Red Bull star's Conquer the Cape activation in South Africa last year and the impact was profound.

Myburgh made the decision to move his young family to New Zealand for a safer lifestyle and for an opportunity to further his drifting career by being closer to Whiddett.

"He did an activation for Red Bull in South Africa and came to one of our events and saw me driving there," Myburgh told The Herald.


"I had a very brief chat to him. I have always looked up to him. He is an inspiration. Worldwide, drifters have a bad reputation – there is a lot of street hoonigan stuff going on and it is always linked to drifters.

"In my opinion Mike brings a whole level of professionalism to drifting. I can just see it with his association with Hampton Downs – there is no way a facility like that would attach themselves to any old drifter that isn't professional.

"I have been watching his career for a long time and when I came over there the first thing I wanted to do was to link up and go to his drift days and just drive with him. It sounds weird but to be the best you have to work like the best."

Myburgh has been in New Zealand for seven months and points to drifting as a major help in settling so quickly.

"I am not a professional – I don't get paid for drifting," he said. "It is a hobby. Drifting is a unique culture – in South Africa it became our circle of friends. The most difficult thing for immigration is not having that network of friends.

"I was keen to get into drifting to get into that circle."

Myburgh lines up alongside 31 other drifters in Saturday's top 32 event while the day is packed with all sorts of drifting including beginners, team drifting and the elite level competition.