A first person to the scene where a cyclist died during a race has detailed the desperate moments following the incident.

Jordan, who teaches CPR to children for the Red Cross, was driving along Tauwhare Rd yesterday when he saw a cyclist fall face first to the ground.

Jordan said the cyclist had bad facial injuries.
"It was pretty horrible."

The 72-year-old cyclist was taking part in the Winter Fun Ride Series on the outskirts of Hamilton when he suffered a heart attack around midday.


Event organiser Nathan Cox of Dynamo events told the Herald riding began at 10am and the man was just a few kilometres from the finish line.

Jordan believed the cyclist died before he hit the ground and said other cyclists and motorists continued to drive past after he went down.

Jordan tried to perform CPR on the cyclist, having completed his full comprehensive first aid training last month.

Emergency services were quick to respond but nothing could be done to save the man, Jordan said.

Paramedics arrived not long after the incident and attempted to use an AED, which managed to get his heart pumping twice.

"They lost him after about 45 minutes, there was nothing more they could do for him.

"We did everything we could to try and save him but he didn't pull through which was hard. He was in a really bad way," Jordan said.

He said some bystanders stopped but didn't know CPR and weren't able to help.

The "traumatic" experience made him realise how valuable his training was and was extremely disappointed he could not do more to help the cyclist.

"My heart goes out to the family."