Whatever happened to that Cycling Review?

Remember all that kerfuffle about the coach Anthony Peden?

And HPNZ gonna leave no stone unturned to get to the very bottom of every scandalous utterance and accusation?

Let me tell you exactly what's gonna happen here. Eventually.


First up, many many details including everything that will actually explain anything will forever be buried in confidentiality clauses and terminology like "being an employment dispute we won't be discussing personal details in a public forum".

Someone gets paid to do a review, that means the review pretty much says no-one is at fault, certainly none of those currently holding the top jobs and if the media aren't wholly to blame then the fact they brought this up in the first place hasn't at all been helpful.

And in fact, detrimental to the ongoing high Pprformance objectives that still determine the mission statement pursued by all of our strategic - both medium and long term - planning.

Take a large pile of BS.

Rub it all over in red tape.

Marinate for days, weeks, months in PR101, aka the do-nothing long enough department, so hopefully by the time we announce this big pile of diddly squat everyone's forgotten about it or most definitely sick of the supid media still harping on about it.

The administrators will all keep their highly paid cushy gravy-train positions with the most important learnings being they retain their flawless career reputations.

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