The threat of jail seemed to spur a Northland man into action to complete his community work and do "overtime" after previously missing 80 appointments with the community probation service.

Phillip Andre Mahanga was sentenced to community work in 2016 after being nabbed drink driving and in possession of cannabis.

However, he had taken a relaxed view of completing his sentence until he appeared in Whangārei District Court before Judge Greg Davis in September on a breach of community work with 72 hours still outstanding.

Judge Davis was crystal clear about the ramifications of not completing the outstanding hours by yesterday.


"The message needs to be loud and clear that if they do not do the sentence then they can expect to go to jail," Judge Davis warned.

Six days later, judge Davis proved it was no hollow threat by jailing an Otangarei man after he missed 19 appointments and did not finish the court-ordered sentence.

Yesterday, Mahanga said he had not only completed the 72 hours but done an extra day and finished 81 hours.

Judge Davis said when he "went off at everyone" for failing to complete their sentence he also said he would be the first to apologise.

"Thank you for doing the work," he said. Mahanga was convicted and discharged on the charge of breaching community work.

Judge Davis reminded Hapeta Rapata he had warned three people during a day in court in September he would send them to jail if they did not complete their community work by their next court appearance.

"I was one hundred per cent serious," judge Davis said.

Hapeta Rapata, from the dock, happily told the court he had competed the hours, which was confirmed by the community probation service.


"To be perfectly honest I was loading up my jail gun, so to speak, to fire that bullet. I am rapt to hear you have completed the community work ... thank you for that."

Rapata was convicted and discharged on the charge of breaching community work.

The good news continued, as Conrad Kaka also reported having completed his community work before deadline yesterday.