Mark Eruiti Edwards attacked his ex-partner so violently for more than 20 hours she ended up with traumatic brain injury and a fractured collar bone.

All because of jealously after she told Edwards about a conversation she had with a male artist whom she recognised from when she was young.

The woman was repeatedly punched, stomped kicked, and strangled a number of times, and at one point Edwards threw a set of drawers at her head that fractured her collar bone.

On another occasion, Edwards tied a noose over exposed rafters, placed a chair underneath and told her to hang herself.


Edwards, 45, was sentenced by the High Court in Whangārei to seven years and two months on charges of assault with intent to injure, kidnapping, causing grievous bodily
harm, threat to kill, intentional damage and indecent assault.

"The complainant was vulnerable, being alone in her home with Mr Edwards and unable to escape, the attack was prolonged and involved significant elements of humiliation, and her injuries are particularly severe, namely her head injuries," Justice Ian Gault said during

On their way back after doing their laundry in Rawene in March 2018, Edwards started calling his ex-partner derogatory names and began punching her around the head when told about her conversation with the male artist.

She stopped the car and jumped out in order to escape but got back in when Edwards held up her puppy and threatened to kill the animal.

He continued punching her on the way back and upon arrival home, pulled her by the hair and dragged her inside where further assaults took place.

During the more than 20 hours of violent and sustained assault, he refused to let her go to the bathroom.

Edwards spat on her face a number of times and told her if he couldn't "have" her, no one could.

"She was terrified for her life and thought he was going to kill her. She felt she could not escape, believing if she tried to run he would run her over," Justice Gault said.


The woman fell into unconsciousness and woke to him asking if she was awake before he began kissing and telling her it would be all right.

Her injuries included a fractured collar bone, significant bruising over her entire body, including a subdural haematoma, a secondary kidney infection, ongoing migraines, and psychological injuries.