Summer is a time many Kiwis get out of the house, go to the bach, the beach and the campground up the coast.

But while we're relaxing in the sun, what's happening back home?

Home security enthusiast, Ray Hemi has some tips to save your posessions and save money in the process.

- Security signs placed around the home are the first step in preventing burglaries.


- Put out dog bowls to backup your 'Beware of the Dog' signs.

- Motion-detecting alarms placed on doors, windows and possessions.

- Get someone to mow the lawn and clear the mail, or put it on-hold with NZ Post.

- Invest in a timer for household lights and the TV.

- Valuable possessions could go into storage and lesser valuables placed in a 'secure room'. Use a plank of wood wedged under the handle to secure inward opening doors.

- Post security details on a Facebook page for friends and neighbours.

Mr Hemi says he has never been burgled and it is unlikely he ever will be, due to the many crime deterrents he utilises. He recommends these cheap tricks for peace of mind while on holiday.

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