A schoolgirl who was offered $100 by a stranger to hop in their car is being praised by the school for her quick thinking and bravery.

The 9-year-old girl from St Dominic's School in Blockhouse Bay was offered the cash this morning.

Principal Daniel Pepper said the man was leaning on his black car about 20 to 30 metres away from the school gate and offered the student money as she walked past him.

The student immediately ran off and told a teacher who alerted Pepper and a couple of other staff members.


The man was not known to anyone at the school, but has been described by police as being Caucasian, in his mid-30s with short blonde/brown curly hair. He was approximately 165cm tall, of average build and was wearing a dark coloured T-shirt and shorts.

The man had driven off when staff went outside to look for him. Police arrived straight away and interviewed the girl.

"Because she was so on to it and so confident she quickly came off and came and told us," Pepper said.

"She's a very brave girl. Outstanding. She's fine. She did the right thing."

Pepper said the school had an assembly on Monday to talk about Easter and also spoke to the students about what happened and reiterated what they should do if they were approached by a stranger.

Parents and caregivers were also sent an email informing them of the incident.

Today police have been patrolling the area and the community officer told the school he would also drive past the school more frequently.

The school has teachers outside the school before and after school, but the girl had been dropped off by her parents before the rostered teacher was due to be on duty.


"Kids need to know exactly what to do and parents sitting down with their kids and saying this sort of thing unfortunately does happen and here are somethings we can do in our family. It's got to be talked about, unfortunately it's out there so we have to make sure our kids are educated," Pepper said.

He had also alerted principals of nearby schools about the incident.

Police responded to the incident immediately and officers will return to the area tomorrow to source CCTV footage and look for vehicles matching the description.

Detective sergeant Richard Sami said while police investigated there would be an increased police presence in the area before and after school.

"It is important to stress that what has happened today is not an attempted abduction but rather a suspicious approach and we are taking this matter very seriously," he said.

Anyone with information about the approach can contact the Avondale Police Station on 09 820 5784.

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