An Avondale resident says a distressed woman turned up on her doorstep pleading for help after a man tried to sexually assault her.

The resident, who did not want to be named, told the Herald a woman, who looked in her 30s, turned up on her doorstep on Saturday evening at about 5pm.

"She was outside yelling, saying 'Hello, can anyone help me?'

"She was shaking and I couldn't get much out of her."


The woman told the resident she was walking in nearby Chalmers Reserve when a man grabbed her a few times while his pants were undone.

The woman managed to run away and was looking for a police station when she turned up on the doorstep of the resident.

"She was completely shaking and was really apologetic to us.

"She was really upset that she was disturbing us."

The resident said she was really concerned as children were often in the park as it had a playground.

The woman described the man as being short, Asian and in his 50s.

The resident's partner dropped the woman off at her sister's at a nearby house in Avondale.

"She later thought she was overreacting and didn't want to report it to police."


However, the resident reported the incident to police later that evening.

A police spokeswoman confirmed there was an incident on April 30 at 4.30pm.

She said the woman was walking through Chalmers Reserve when she was approached by a male who grabbed her.

She managed to get away and police were contacted.

Investigations into the incident were ongoing.

The spokeswoman said there was no evidence to suggest the event was linked to the ongoing investigation in Onehunga.

The teen believed to be behind a series of indecent assaults in Onehunga remains at large this week.

Women in the suburb reported being startled by the teen, aged between 12 and 16, who put his hands up their dresses or touched their crotches.

So far 12 assaults of women aged 21 to 52 have been reported to police.

The alleged offender is described as a teen, aged between 12 and 16, of slim build, with light brown hair that's potentially been dyed a yellow or brassy colour.