A gambling addict who stole more than $60,000 from her employer, started to steal five days after her employment as an office worker began and continued for four years.

The 47-year-old woman pleaded guilty in Gisborne District Court to 53 counts of theft by a person in a special relationship after stealing $64,289 from her employer.

The woman - granted permanent name suppression on family grounds - was sentenced to 12 months' home detention.

Judge Barney Thomas said other costs incurred in relation to the offending cost the company $30,000.


The woman was ordered to pay emotional harm reparation of $10,000, a sum described by Judge Thomas as token reparation.

The woman could not right the wrongs she had committed, which was a sad reflection of her financial position, he said.

Defence counsel John Mathieson said his client was expected to proceed to bankruptcy, with unsecured creditors of about $18,000.

The offences were committed between December 21, 2007, and May 3, 2012.

Crown prosecutor Josh Lucas said the woman had previous convictions for similar offending from 20 years before.

Judge Thomas granted permanent name suppression on the grounds of extreme hardship that could be caused to the woman's young family.

- Gisborne Herald