Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has written to a German neo-Nazi terror suspect, urging her to use her forthcoming trial for alleged complicity in racist killings to promote their far-right ideology.

Breivik, 33, was jailed for detonating a bomb in Olso in July 2011 and shooting dead scores of young Labour Party members at a political summer camp because they held multicultural views. His attacks claimed 77 lives.

Breivik, who claims he was fighting a far-right anti-immigrant "crusade", wrote to the suspected German terrorist Beate Zschape in May while she was being held for questioning in a Cologne prison, Der Spiegel magazine revealed.

Zschape, who is charged with complicity in the murders of a policewoman and nine immigrant street vendors, is due to stand trial this year. Addressing her as "dear sister Beate" in his letter, Breivik urged her to use her case to canvass her far-right "political motives".


"If you make it clear that you really are a militant nationalist, then you will be seen as a courageous heroine of national resistance who has done and sacrificed everything to stop multiculturalism and the Islamification of Germany."

Breivik also went out of his way to applaud the murders carried out by the National Socialist Underground (NSU), the terror cell Zschape belonged to. Germany's state prosecutor's office said Zschape never received the letter because judges ordered it to be confiscated.

- Independent