It took just one song and my 4-year-old, Mia, was off to jump around in the Wiggles' moshpit in front of the stage. While she wanted to get close to the action, and dance with Wags the Dog (who gave her the double thumbs-up at one stage), her main mission was to talk to the Wiggles.

And bless her, she did, having a chat with Anthony the Blue Wiggle between songs, and he even gave her a shout out. She was chuffed. But then that's what the Wiggles are all about - doing it for the kids.

This tour - including five shows at Vector Arena over the weekend before a jaunt around the country - is a special one for the colour-coded super star Australian band. Original members Murray (Red), Jeff (Purple) and Greg (Yellow) are calling it quits after 21 years, while Anthony (Blue) is staying on with three new recruits.

And all the Wiggles' loyal side-kicks were there to celebrate, like loony and loud Captain Feather Sword, demure and daffy Dorothy the Dinosaur, and even Muscle Man Murray (the beefcake alter ego of Murray) made an appearance.


It was a greatest hits set - because Mia and the hundreds of other kids wouldn't have settled for anything less - that took in Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car and Romp Bomp A Stomp to the lovely Rock-A-Bye Your Bear and a mash-up medley of the Wiggles' best songs as a finale.

Many parents - okay, most - can't stand the incessant "toot" of that big red car and the piercing screams of "Wake up, Jeff".

And yes, the live show does start to drive you around the bend after a while - and trying your hardest to zone out is your only escape.

But at around 80 minutes it is the perfect length. Even my 18-month-old Katie lasted the distance as she danced, laughed and screamed with delight at Wags doing hand stands.

As well as a farewell show, it was also a handover of sorts, with new Wiggles Emma Watkins, Simon Pryce and Lachlan Gillespie performing.

It's a sad but good thing that the three originals are passing on the mantle.
Because while it's clear from the smiles on their faces that they still love what they do, physically the pace of the show is demanding.

Although, proving "you're never too old to Wiggle", Jeff still manages to monkey around on the jungle gym, Murray plays a mean guitar, and Greg keeps the show shakin' and swingin' along.

But as they said, it's time for them to go, though one imagines Wigglemania will live on.


What: The Wiggles
Where: Vector Arena