Two good Samaritans buzzed into the Auckland Zoo carpark on a Vespa at the weekend, randomly handing out Christmas cards containing $100 apiece.

Mother of two Amelia Dale, who lives on a farm near Timaru, was amazed to find the envelope given to her family by the middle-aged pair on a bright red scooter held a gift.

It contained a card inscribed with the exhortation "Work hard, have fun, help people" and two $50 bills.



She was going to the zoo with her builder husband, Mark, their two children aged 5 and 6, their nanny, the Absolom family from Hawkes Bay and an Auckland friend.

"We were all standing around the back of the car putting the baby in the buggy."

She said the mystery Vespa riders, who appeared to be in their 60s, the man in front and the woman riding pillion, pulled up next to her group.

"They said 'it looks like there's two families here, here's two cards' - and they drove off."

Mrs Dale said at least two other families were given envelopes by the pair on their spin through the carpark, about 11am on Saturday.

"We are really touched. I just think those people are amazing. We were totally blown away. They were gone before we had a chance to thank them. How very thoughtful, kind and generous. So to whoever you are, we say thank you and wish you the most amazing Christmas."