Entertainment blogger Chris Schulz checks out 10 of the best things you'll see on the web today. Includes the first photo of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.


The news caused a stir when it was announced, and now


Tom Cruise


as literary's toughest hard man

Jack Reacher

(debuting exclusively on


website) is about to do the same. Based on

One Shot

, the ninth book in Lee Child's mega popular series, the film

Jack Reacher

is due out on December 28.

Jack Bauer

could take him, I reckon. (


2. Okay, so pretty much every horror film cliche - from creepy kids, to a spooky attic and dodgy home videos - is checked off in this new trailer for Sinister. But it sure did give me the creeps. And Ethan Hawke, where have you been? (Apple)

3. Band of Horses are returning with a quickfire new album Dumpster World, due out on September 18. And here's the trailer, which veers between acoustic folky balladeering and indie-rock freak out. Better get your log cabin ready for a listening session. (Hollywood Reporter)

4. Lana Del Rey's new video is a seven-minute, A$AP Rocky-starring romp that mimics key highlights from the last 50 years of American history. It begins with a Marilyn Monroe impersonation, takes in some random crotch grabbing, and ends with an assassination. You have been warned. (Pretty Much Amazing)

5. He hasn't even released his debut album yet, but hyped rapper A$AP Rocky is already the subject of a new documentary. A$VP C4 is due out in August and you can watch the trailer right here. Will it screen in New Zealand? Short answer: No. (Vimio)

6. The New Zealand International Film Festival has announced its official line-up, and word on the street is it's a doozy. My picks include Cabin in the Woods (Boo!), Marley (Woo!), On the Road (Ooo!), V/H/S (Erm...) and Sightseers (Ha!). Check the full list up here or pick up a booklet when you're out and about.

7. If you favour indie-rock bands that include more cowbell in their songs, you'll love the new video from The Shins. It's essentially a live reworking of the album track No Way Down, but I love what they've done with the place. Where was it filmed? Portland, of course. But when did Kimbra join the band? (YouTube)

8. Tommy Ill has a new, free EP out and the first track, Missed Call, not only samples new pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen, it turns her into a man and makes her sound kinda awesome. Download it here. (Twitter)

9. I have a soft spot for cartoon comedy caper Monsters Inc, so I was pretty stoked to see they're making a sequel. Here's the first look at Monsters University, a prequel of sorts that looks really rather good. (YouTube)

10. Alright, you made it to the end. Your reward is Billy Corgan performing two acoustic tracks from the Smashing Pumpkins' ace new album Oceania. Love you Billy. See you in August. (Stereogum)