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It's a swept-up Toyota that attracts buyers of any age.

If the GT86 isn't high performance enough for you, what about the Toyota Racing Design (TRD) version?

It's a swept up version that has already enticed three Kiwis to hand over more than $60,000 each.

Only 20 models are for sale, and they will be kitted out at Toyota New Zealand's Thames plant - home of the Signature Class that is also kept busy accessorising Hilux utes.


Buyers can pick any of the 86 range - from the manual base model to the GT86 auto - to be souped up, and the makeover will take a week.

During that time, the coupe will have added to it Toyota Racing Development front spoiler, side skirts, rear lower bumper and boot spoilers.

All panels are spray painted at the plant.

The TRD model also gets forged aluminium 18 inch alloy wheels, a high response muffler with four tip exhaust and a brake package by Brembo.

To highlight that it is from Toyota Racing Design , the car will come with a badge, key ring, radiator and oil filler caps and a push start button for GT86 cars marked with the TRD stamp.

The TRD86 starts at $63,486 for the manual version and $64,486 for the automatic.

TRD versions built off the GT86 are priced at$68,486 for the manual model and $69,486 for the automatic.

Toyota New Zealand General Toyota's manager of product planning, Neeraj Lala, said: "We're building this car for diehard sports car fans and race enthusiasts.

"It's a car you could take straight to the race track."

And one of those buyers has already been revealed - a 70-something woman from Taranaki who traded in her Toyota Yaris so she could experience being Penelope Pitstop every day.

I'm jealous.