Air New Zealand has shared a "threat" from the airline's head of safety if passengers don't adhere to social distancing rules — and it's not pleasant.

On Twitter, the Air NZ marketing team posted a photo of a letter written by head of safety Todd Michaels.

In it, he said he had come up with a new way of encouraging people to follow physical distancing measures on board Air New Zealand flights.

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"If people adhere to the new standard, we'll promise to not bring back our rap safety video this month," it reads.

"But if we keep seeing the odd breach, well ... we will need to order plenty of earplugs for the cabin crew."

The 2018 rap video safety video, that featured local musicians Kings, Randa and Theia rapping about plane safety over beats from Run DMC and Sisters Underground, was replaced after it drew heavy criticism.

At the time, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones labelled the video "confusing" and toneless".

"I don't want to be too petty," Jones said.

"But the reality is the [video] trivialises safety; I think it's a juvenile mishmash and it's toneless."

He said at the time he had sat next to quite a few tourists on planes, many of whom were confused by the video.

"Based on my quite scientific assessment of travellers' views about that video, I have never heard the F-word more frequently and they're not saying 'first-class'."


The marketing team have obviously taken this threat seriously, as passengers should, captioning the post "Please don't".

It comes after an Air NZ passenger slammed the airline after witnessing other flyers brazenly breaking distancing rules on an Auckland to Queenstown flight.

While the man remained in his seat after landing, other passengers on flight NZ369 were caught on camera shoulder to shoulder in the aisle.

Two months of hard work during lockdown could have been broken in five minutes. Photo / Supplied
Two months of hard work during lockdown could have been broken in five minutes. Photo / Supplied

An Air New Zealand spokesman said it appeared the disembarkation process on the flight did not take place in accordance with the airline's new process and it would look into the incident.

He said the airline had amended its boarding and disembarkation procedures to introduce physical distancing during those stages of the journey, saying "we appreciate the support and patience of our passengers as this does take a little time and requires their cooperation".